Work From Home Distractions And How To Deal With It

Work From Home Distractions And How To Deal With Them

Did you know that 30% of people who are employed home-based claims that family members or the people they live with are on the top of the list of the work from home distractions? 

Well, I’ve read that from an article about statistics of people’s work from home habits at Insider.

That’s true for most people that are living with their relatives or have other people as housemates. 

For those who have been working in an office their whole lives and had finally shifted to working at the comfort of their homes, adjusting might be a little difficult. I have to admit that creating a workspace free of interruptions was not a piece of cake.

You might be thinking that you’ll finally have the peace along with the confidence of leveling up your productivity, but somehow realized you were wrong. That’s okay. There will always be instances that things can get out of hand and hindrances that are difficult to get rid of.

Would you believe me if I tell you that distractions are not that bad at all? These can also boost your creativity!

What Are Your Work From Home Distractions?

Getting used to one thing then suddenly jumping on another can be stressful. Even if you are completely aware of the possible things that could happen. There will always be instances we thought were ready but end up feeling unprepared.

It took me guts to leave my job and settle on having an online business and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Most people nowadays are searching for income streams online and a lot are struggling to find what suits them. Gladly, I was able to settle with eBay Dropshipping and my journey as a business owner wasn’t smooth either.

Working from home is convenient in terms of not having to drive to the office every day, get stuck in traffic, get caught up in arguments with a colleague, and other possible office disputes. But others don’t realize that even if I have an office at home, it’s not completely free from any distractions!

So the question is, if you’re also working from home, what are the most common distractions you encounter?

Identifying each of them will make it easier for you to know what to do about it. And how it can help you become more productive instead.

Common Distractions For People Who Works From Home

There are different things that we can consider a disturbance when we are working. There might be some that you find annoying but, to me, I don’t mind it at all. 

Even though it seems that it’s less distracting when you’re working from home, I believe there are several things you can consider a disturbance. Knowing what they are can help you understand how you can properly address each of them.

Here are some distractions that people who work from home usually encounter:

1. Interruptions From Family and Friends

It is indeed a blessing to work at home but it can often be a curse for some. 

In a household full of people, there are instances that some family members can’t avoid constant bickering. It’s kind of frustrating and difficult to work in an environment that doesn’t help you focus.

Work From Home Distractions Family And Friends

There would also be chances that friends will come over unannounced. Also, there are situations at home that are out of our control. We’ll never know when your kids will start fighting, or any of them happens to break a vase or worse, your tv.

Maybe, a construction started next door, and the noise is becoming more unbearable. Or your dog or your neighbor’s just couldn’t stop barking. All that can be frustrating. But these are noises we just can’t put on mute. 

2. Mobile Phones

This is just one of the most distracting things that people who are working home-based find irresistible. It can start from simply checking messages, then end up losing track of time browsing on social media. 

It can start as an innocent mistake that can truly impede us from working. For those who love playing games on their mobile phones, there’s a tendency to take a break and promise to play one game.

Then after one, it turns to another until they didn’t notice how much time they have already consumed. Getting too absorbed by anything we have on our mobile phones is not a good excuse for losing productivity.

3. Hunger and Boredom

Working is tiring, even when you’re doing it at home. Even if you’re a person used to routine tasks doesn’t mean you’ll never get tired of doing the same things.

Did you know that people often forget to look at the real signs of hunger? Even when we are full we tend to associate boredom to hunger because we are just looking for something that could entertain us.

Hunger And Boredom

It can be difficult to pinpoint whether we are hungry or just bored, especially when we’re working on a lot of things. Usually, we run to the fridge more often than we can notice, and it somehow delays the tasks we should’ve already finished.

There will be moments that a few can get caught up on thinking about what food to prepare, especially now that we’re working at home and it’s easier to have a meal we want.

We should try differentiating when we are famished and were just burning out from all the work.

 4. Experiencing Burnouts

Now that we have a more flexible time to complete our work for the day, there could be moments that we’ll choose to do it later rather than now.

Have you ever experienced feeling like you’re not yet in the mood to work and you’ll have to wait when inspiration would strike you before you can get up and open that laptop?

If you’re a writer, you know how frustrating it is to lose the drive to start writing an article you’re supposed to submit within the day! Even when you have an outline and all you need to do is get typing but you don’t seem fired up to work on it.

Waiting for that motivation would just delay you from making progress. Believe me, I know! Burnouts can be a huge distraction from being productive, but that’s normal because we are humans.

Work From Home Burnouts

But, there could be chances where people use this as an excuse to not do anything at all. Writers cannot avoid writer’s block. So what if you have a deadline tomorrow and you haven’t even written anything at all?

Are you still going to wait for that moment when you feel like you’re all ready and driven with passion and energy to get it done? 

Forcing oneself to produce an amazing article when you’re not at your best mood is like trying to get the juice out of a dried lemon. Sure, it’s impossible, but don’t waste your time making it as an excuse!

If you’re feeling like you’re losing motivation to work, you can check out my article on How To Stay Motivated!

Overcoming Distractions!

Whatever you do to avoid distractions, you can never hide from any of it. It’s a natural process in terms of working. And if you thought you are safe from all the disturbance since you work from home, I bet you have realized that you’re not.

But it doesn’t mean that you won’t or can’t do anything about it.

I believe that distractions are great because it keeps one grounded. These can also be used to fuel your creativity. Once you have identified what exactly are the things that bother you from doing your work, you can understand what you can do about it,

Realizing what keeps you from being productive can allow you to differentiate what distractions are helpful and those that are not. 

It’s up to you whether you’ll go with the flow or cross your fingers and wait for every disturbance to stop on their own. Unfortunately, there’s no certainty if any of it will cease and when you can finally have the peace you’ve always wanted.

1. Prioritize

Focusing on the task at hand and what you aim to accomplish within the day will help you get absorbed into working. Knowing what to prioritize and what to leave out works wonders. Don’t let the people around sway you from being unproductive!

Devote your time into working instead of getting yourself caught up in family members that are fighting or a friend trying to convince you to go somewhere.

Think about the things you can accomplish instead of letting these people be an excuse to stop you from doing your work.

And at times that you feel like you’re not yet in the right mood or you’re not that fired up to start working, remind yourself of your goals. Plus, keep in mind that you don’t want your clients upset when you don’t meet your deadlines!

2. Let it be

You may not believe this, but we can accept distractions. Once you’re used to what’s happening around, you may not even notice that some things don’t bother you anymore.

Believe me, you’ll find yourself never having to force into ignoring the noises around you that you used to hate so much. Instead of giving a lot of thought to when the neighbor’s dog will stop barking, focus your energy on the task you are trying to complete.

3. Declutter

Delcuttered Workspace

Having a room as your office is a great way to have peace while doing your job. But, if you can’t do that, make sure that you have a space you can work that is free from anything you can find distracting.

Remove the things that have no use for the task you’ll be doing for the day. If you don’t need that book or magazine, get it off your table. Make sure that everything you need is accessible and are piled in an organized manner.

If you can put everything aside, and just grab them when you need them, then do it. A decluttered workspace helps a lot in concentrating. 

4. Relax

It’s important to take a break sometimes to avoid burning out. Giving yourself time to relax can also allow you to think better.

Depriving yourself of relaxation and forcing yourself to work is not effective in terms of being productive. You also need to clear your mind and maybe grab a cup of coffee or any beverage you find soothing.

Distracting yourself from your workload for just a couple of minutes can help you ease the stress of all of it. You’ll also need to divert your attention to something else, and you’ll never know that this is something you need.

Take A Break Or Relax

Let’s say that you’ve been dreading for hours on how to solve an issue that came up with your business, it’s starting to become an impossible mission. Take your mind off of it.

Remember Archimedes’ “eureka!” moment? He discovered the Principle of Buoyancy while taking a bath! You’ll never know what else you can solve when you give yourself some time to relax. 

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult not to let distractions get on your nerves, but you have to. You’ll eventually learn how to manage all of them. Keep in mind that each of us has different ways of coping and dealing with things. 

That’s why it’s important to know what these distractions are and from there you’ll understand how you can take control and eventually manage them.

Knowing where to focus your energy can help and it will surely assist you in becoming more productive. We may have differences in dealing with things, but we’ll all learn how to overcome difficulties without having to force it.

It’s also entirely up to you on how you’ll accept distractions that you can never have control of. You can let them be or, just have it annoy you. Your pick!

Just always remember why you’re working this hard and what things you aim to accomplish. Do what you can to boost your productivity! Keep in mind that it’s not bad to choose your battles and when to ignore things that are not at all beneficial to your success.

I didn’t have it easy, but I had to do all that I can to make it to a point where I am where I want to be. Having to work from home is great and had led me to amazing opportunities.

You can learn about my journey as an entrepreneur at Hustle and Motivate Podcast on iTunes.

And if you’re interested in starting an eBay Dropshipping business, you can schedule a consultation with me at

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