Video Marketing Guide 2020

video marketing guide

Do you want to leverage your marketing efforts at minimal cost? Are you looking for a guaranteed outlet to reach your prospects? Let me walk you through it with this video marketing guide!

In terms of creating an effective campaign, every brand wouldn’t want to fall behind. Businesses, however small; need a video marketing strategy. Advertising through video content is key to a successful marketing campaign.

What is Video Marketing?

This is a form of marketing that uses videos to promote products and services or a brand as a whole. It is a digital marketing strategy that increases engagement, effectively reaches the target audience, and assists in educating consumers and customers.

We all know that the majority of people prefer video content rather than having to spend their time reading lengthy articles. Using videos is a great way to explain everything you need as well. The quality of content is important to ensure engagement and build brand awareness.

Figuring out what works best for your brand is a must. Not because a strategy works for other companies, implies that it can also work for you. When starting out with video marketing, experimenting is inevitable. It’s a matter of trial and error to figure out which are the best type of content, introduction, hooks, and call to action that will surely attract your audience.

Benefits of Video Marketing

benefits of video advertisement

As entrepreneurs, we want to build a relationship with our customers. Video marketing is the best way to do that. This allows you to have power over building rapport with consumers. 

Aside from the fact that it is a great outlet to promote your brand, it is a solid way to let your audience get to know you better. Building brand awareness and relevancy are definitely the great perks of video marketing.

Even though it is evidently challenging, If done right, your marketing efforts will be fruitful.

Types of Marketing Videos

There are different content types to choose from. But here’s a breakdown of marketing videos you might consider creating.

1. Demo Videos

Showcase your products and services through demo videos. If you have tons of products, you might want to pick the best selling items. Showcase the unique features of each of them and point out its benefits.

demo video

2.Brand Videos

This is known as an advertising campaign about your company as a whole. Elaborate on the important factors your audience needs to know about your brand. Highlight your products and services. Moreover, you must include your company’s mission and vision.

3. How-to Videos

This is the type of content that provides solutions to customers. It is also a great way for people to see the value of your products. Create how-to videos that call the use of any products and services you are offering. Share hacks that buyers may have no idea of!

Provide useful information that will help you create a great impression on your audience. Let them see you as a brand who knows exactly what you’re providing. 

4. Testimonial Videos

video marketing

Consumers nowadays lean on recommendations before purchasing a product or service. Compile videos of testimonies from your satisfied and loyal customers. This can do the convincing for you!

5. Live Videos

video marketing type live videos

As entrepreneurs we want our customers to know that we’re willing to help in any way. Live videos have been a trend and are the best outlets for interacting with consumers. Go live on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram and host a Q&A or even interviews with influencers!

The Best Platform For Video Marketing

Youtube is without a doubt the best place you’ll want your videos to be. It supports 80 different languages!

Did you know that 79% of internet users have Youtube accounts? This is definitely a great place for independent content creators and brands. On top of that, it can help you build your following effectively and as a business owner, you’d want to take advantage of that.


Youtube is used as a marketing channel by 62% of businesses. You’ll definitely find your competitors there as well. What you need to do is to make videos that highlight the important aspect of your brand and create targeted content tailored for your audience so that they can easily find you! 

Checklist For Video Marketing

video marketing guide

1. Craft a plan. 

When establishing a strategy for video marketing there is a need to take great consideration of who your target audience is. This will allow you to identify what type of content to create. Videos that are specifically tailored for your prospects are bound to attract the right customers.

Make sure that you have a script that drives engagement and offers value as well. Determine the purpose of your video and align it with your marketing goals.

2. Allocate a budget.

At this point in time, video marketing is getting more and more affordable. Keep in mind that this won’t be entirely free. There are unavoidable costs as well. 

Are you going to hire an editor? What aspects do you want to be included in your videos that you cannot do yourself? Consider the little things and see what you can do to lessen the cost of creating your videos.

Plus, you’ll surely have to spend on decent equipment. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it can help you record high-quality videos!

3. Set up a studio.

Have a designated room or place to shoot your videos. If you need to change locations, make sure that it is relevant for the content you will be creating.

video recording office set up

4. Ready your equipment.

Create a checklist of the things you might need when you are going to shoot videos. Have your camera ready with fully charged batteries. Set up your lighting and audio equipment. Choose a recording or streaming software if needed. Make sure that everything is functioning properly before starting. Do not forget to have spare camera batteries!

5. Edit your videos

editing phase

Cut out the parts of your video that are not essential. Keep in mind that the shorter the video, the better. Take note of how it transitions and make sure that everything included is relevant. Do not forget to include an introduction, 

6. Upload on Youtube and share it on different platforms.

Do not forget to grab the link of the video you posted and share it on every social media platform your business has.

7. Track metrics and stats.

Once you are getting enough views, check your analytics. 

It is a must to check which videos are doing best and identify those that are not gaining attention. This will allow you to understand what content audiences are more likely to watch and watch. Recognizing which type of content they interact with will help you craft videos that they will look forward to.

Building a solid and effective marketing strategy involves creating engaging videos. Make sure to provide information that people will find useful and share it with social media or across multiple platforms.

The success of your campaign relies on a great plan, experiment, and testing, checking metrics, and having an area of improvement.

Final Thoughts

Promoting through videos is turning out to be increasingly cost-effective and allows maximized prospect reaching. Video marketing has developed in light of the fact that people are more inclined to watching videos for different reasons. 

Brands are propelled in innovating and creative marketing by means of crafting engaging videos. Since it’s anything but difficult to effectively attract a target audience, the possibility of reaching audiences all over the world is the best reason to take advantage of video marketing. 

Chances of going viral are not limited as long as your videos trigger the right emotions, provide useful information and drive engagements. In addition to that, your brand can easily dominate the digital world.

Keep in mind that videos are obviously time-consuming. But this is the most ideal approach to build trust and rapport with your customers. Dedication is needed as well as taking great consideration of providing value to your audience. 

Always provide fresh, relevant, and informative content to build a loyal audience! 

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