Understanding Social Media Platforms! The Pros and Cons

Understanding Social Media Platforms

You might be wondering why understanding social media platforms are relevant to your business…

In fact, it is necessary to recognize which is best used for your brand or company. Did you know that there are 212 active social media sites? 

Choosing the right social media to use will depend on who your target audience is. Are they on Twitter or Snapchat? Perhaps they are on Pinterest or Tiktok? Knowing where they are can assist you to take advantage of the channel to successfully reach them.

What Exactly Is a Social Media Platform?

According to techopedia, it is a web-based technology that enables the development, deployment, and management of social media solutions and services.

Social Media Platforms are divided into 6 main categories.  I’ll discuss these types to help you see which fits or suits your business the most. Having a clear understanding of social media platforms will allow you to have leverage in terms of using it.

6 Categories of Social Media Platforms  and the Pros and Cons

1.Social Networking Platforms

From the name itself, it is a means made for people to network and connect with others. It allows users to initiate engagement in various ways.

It is also the most traditional form of social media. Examples of social networking platforms include Facebook and LinkedIn.


These are definitely easy and convenient to use. For instance, FB has a scheduling tool that you can integrate.

It is also not limited to sharing text but enables photo and video sharing as well.

Understanding Social Media Platforms Facebook


Even though most people are on Facebook, you must take note that certain posts cannot earn as much engagement. Any posts without visual content are more likely to be ignored.

These platforms also tend to prioritize content by real users rather than the ones made by business entities. It showcases more personal content in newsfeeds.

Keep in mind that understanding social media platforms can give you leverage!

2.Photo Sharing Platforms

This is a great avenue for people to showcase visual content and post them in their individual feeds. It also allows others to interact with every image posted.

Instagram and Pinterest are widely-known as photo-sharing platforms.


Posts that are all text can result in less engagement. Worst-case scenario, users might just scroll past it without taking a second to see what it’s all about. But with photo-sharing platforms, you can maximize brand awareness and recognition.

Highly visual contents are more effective to draw attention and initiate interactions.

This is an awesome outlet that can help you showcase your products and services better.

Understanding Social Media Platforms Photo Sharing


Creating enticing images can be time-consuming. It may also require you to hire a professional and allocate a budget dedicated to the production of photos. 

Unfortunately, it is also limited to mobile. Although IG is accessible on chrome or other browsers for pc, uploading photos is only allowed on mobile phones.

Posting images can be time-consuming. Even if you were to use a third-party software, it usually asks to grant permission in your phone to publish content.

3.Video-Sharing Platforms

It is a channel to post videos that allow other users to watch and interact with. I’m sure you already know what they are. The best examples are Youtube and Vimeo.

I started Hustle And Motivate Youtube Channel for a more customer-centric approach. It is an effective outlet to make sure that I can have a wider reach of the audience. This also ensures that they are constantly updated for my tips and tricks for entrepreneurs.


More and more users are inclined to watching videos instead of having to spend reading a lengthy post. Consistency in uploading videos for your audience keeps brand relevancy. 

There are tons of content types you can create that people will be looking for. For instance, you can record a demonstration of how to use your products! You’ll surely never run out of ideas for content that can be valuable for your audience.

Understanding Social Media Platforms Photo Sharing


Obviously, it takes a lot of effort to craft a video. Filming is already time-consuming. It still needs editing before you can upload them.

Production of video content will not only cost you hours but will have you spending money as well. You might want to hire professionals if editing is such a difficult task for you.


This is an outlet for people to create and post information in short snippets. People are also allowed to comment, like, and share any of these.

Famous microblogging platforms are Twitter and Tumblr.


This is the best outlet for giving your audience quick updates regarding new products, upcoming events, and other related news about your brand. 

You can easily share thoughts or raise questions that will surely attract attention. Starting a conversation around your brand is quicker. On top of that, driving conversion is not that difficult.

Understanding Social Media Platforms Twitter


Publishing text can be restricted since the character count is limited.

One must be careful in posting on platforms such as Twitter. Despite the fact that you can easily gain traction, there’s a downside to that.

Ensure that your posts are written well and will not cause misinterpretation. The last thing you’d want to happen is to get backlashes for misused words or other aspects that can stir confusion.

5.Community Platforms

These are great for businesses because these let us interact with our audience effectively. Users post inquiries on community platforms that allow others to answer them.

It also enables us to see if anyone is raising questions about our brand. Answering them immediately can boost a good impression of your business. This can impact brand awareness and recognition. Make sure that you can provide solutions and added value when you address inquiries!

Moreover, it is a channel where people can start conversations or discussions about something in particular. Well-known community platforms are Quora and Reddit.


Business owners must be on-hands in terms of dealing with customer concerns. You might want to get involved on discussions around your brand. These community platforms make it easier for us entrepreneurs to have an insight into how consumers perceive our businesses.

Make sure to comment on topics that mentioned your brand and provide valuable answers. 

Furthermore, this can also allow you to create a community and initiate conversations to drive brand awareness! 

Community Platforms Reddit


There is a possibility that any of your posts can go unseen or your responses to questions can get downvoted.

Also, there is quite a difficulty to build a community and ensure engagements.  

6.Interactive Platforms 

It is one of the latest social media platforms and it includes Snapchat and Tiktok. These give users an enhanced interaction from its augmented and virtual reality features. What makes it more fun is that it is capable of playing games and using music overlays.


In case your target audiences are Millennials or Generation Z, you’d want to conquer platforms such as these. It allows you to easily attract prospects and is a great avenue for showcasing your brand.

Interactive Platforms


Crafting content for interactive platforms requires time and money.

Similar to social networking platforms, it also prioritizes users’ content over business content.

Final Thoughts

Are you already using social media platforms for your business? What are they? Feel free to use the comment section to let me know!

In terms of marketing strategies, every detail and even the smallest factors must be considered. Understanding social media platforms is crucial. None of us would want to waste our time and effort in making content and using platforms that are not reaching our target prospects.

To be more effective, stick with the ones where your target audience is usually at. Utilize each platform and stay consistent in providing content specifically tailored for your customers! 

It’s okay to use as many platforms as you want! Identify which are the best for your brand so that you don’t waste time and money making promotions on any social media channel that is not going to attract customers.

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