How To Identify Target Audience Through Competitors And Generations

How To Identify Target Audience Through Competitors And Generations

Are you worried that your marketing strategies may not be sending the right messages to the right audience? Do you feel lost on what are the best ways to attract prospects? It can be difficult to identify target audience, but I’ll walk you through it!

This article is vital for those who have just started their business and are navigating through social media in terms of maximizing marketing strategies. 

Every entrepreneur must have a definite profile of who are the perfect candidates for their products and services. It will be a lot easier to attract prospects and convince them to a buying decision.

I have previously published an article, “What Is Target Audience And Why Business Owners Must Identify Them”. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do it before going through this one.

This time I’ll tell you how to recognize your potential customers through your competitors and how you can persuade them according to generations!

Identify Target Audience Through Competitors

Having a business, however small, the use of social media platforms is a must in terms of increasing brand awareness.

Did you know that most people learn about a new brand or company through social media? I’ve read from an article on Social Media Statistics of 2020 from Oberlo, that 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. This should be enough to convince you why social media is important for your business.

In order to effectively do that, creating content tailored for specific people is a must. These individuals are your target market or most likely to be your buyers.

When you have determined who they are, it will be a lot easier for you to take action on how you can convert them into customers.

What I am going to share with you, is how you can draw these people and how you can get them to come back for your products and services.

It’s not enough that you know their demographic factors, but as well as their personality, lifestyle, opinions, interests and, even hobbies.

To identify target audience through your competitions here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

  1. What social media platforms do they use?
  2. What type of content do they make that initiates customer engagement?
  3. Are there platforms they may have not used yet that you can utilize?
  4. Are there tactics they may have missed that you can maximize?

Keep in mind that your goal is to leverage your marketing strategy along with successfully converting individuals into loyal customers through compelling and personalized content.

Identify Target Audience Through Generations 

First of all,  if you don’t know who your customers are or should be, you might just be wasting your time and effort. Publishing articles or uploading content that is not tailored for prospects are not going to convince them of why they should choose your brand.

Buyers must see the value in your offers by showcasing your business as a brand with a deep understanding of their needs. Here are the generations of consumers and how you can persuade them into becoming loyal customers!

1. Generation Z (born 1997-2015)

This generation is born at the peak of technology and social media and is quite adept at it. They are also the ones you can target on any social media platform. 

Individuals of Gen Z can be persuaded through more interactive and personalized content. These are the ones that are likely to provide information, sign up to your newsletter, convinced through video demonstrations, and are also open to in-person engagement.

Identify Target Audience Gen Z

The best way to attract them is by sharing your inspiring brand story and how your business creates an impact on society. Once they are aware of that, these are the people who won’t hesitate to switch brands.

Furthermore, Gen Z has an inclination to make a purchase based on a good review of a product, whether it is written on done through a video demo. There’s a huge chance that they’ll purchase a product or service that was reviewed by an influencer.

As much as possible, create content that will initiate engagement and are direct to the point. 

2. Millennials (born 1981-1996)

They are also known as the “first digital natives”. Millennials are probably the people you might want to truly connect with since they are the ones looking into building relationships with brands. The majority of them are following brands and companies on Facebook.

Plus, they are the most active social media users amongst the other generations. In case you are targeting them, make sure that your offer is not just unique but is definitely on-trend. 

Identify Target Audience Gen Millennials

Note that they are more likely to conduct research regarding your business and would listen to referrals before making a purchase. You can offer them incentives and discounts in exchange for them sharing your products and services to other people. 

You can have leverage on Millenials if you continuously give them rewards for being a loyal customer. Another effective way to attract them is through podcasts. These days, they are increasingly listening to podcasts!

Gladly, I have Hustle and Motivate Podcast on iTunes that they can listen to any time!

3. Generation X (born 1965-1980)

This is the generation that has lots of entrepreneurs and their most-used platform is Facebook. Did you know that 68% of them are more likely to depend their buying decisions from unbiased online reviews?

To target them, you must offer coupons and discounts. Remember that they are also the ones who don’t mind spending as long as they can see the value of your offer. 

Identify Target Audience Gen X

I have always mentioned that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing and Gen X are highly considering others opinion before making a purchase. If you have numerous positive reviews from past clients, you wouldn’t have a hard time persuading this generation to trust your business.

Just make sure that these reviews are visible on your brand’s social media accounts, especially on Facebook!

4. Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964)

This generation is also known as the Silver Surfers and the age range is from 54-72 years old. They have embraced social media as a medium for communication as well as research.

Baby boomers are the type of consumers who has more tendency to become loyal customers once they see the quality of your products and services. On top of that, these are also the ones who don’t mind spending more.

Identify Target Audience Baby Boomers

When targeting them, make sure that you provide relevant content that completely informs them of what your products and services are all about. Craft your ads in a manner that gives a focal point to the uniqueness of your offers.

Note that you can retain them as customers if you offer money-back guarantees or cash backs.

Final thoughts

It can be easy to convince people to trust your brand as long as you know how to persuade them. If you can showcase the uniqueness and quality of what you can provide them, make sure that you always do! 

Consumers nowadays are wiser and would truly go through the trouble of looking up your business and finding people that have something positive to say about it. Just keep in mind that it’s not enough to gain a lot of customers, it is better that you also know how to retain them!

At this point in time, what we tell people about our brand is not going to suffice. Creating a great experience for each buyer would result in increasing the number of your customers. The power of other’s perceptions of your brand can make or break your business. 

If they love you, they won’t think twice about recommending you to their friends and family!

My business wasn’t a hit overnight, but I was able to let it grow through dedication and effort. If you want to leverage your eBay dropshipping business, schedule a consultation with me at!

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