Everything You Need To Know About How To Host A Webinar! 2020

Are you running out of ways on what else you can do to promote your business? Have you always been wondering how to host a webinar? 

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself these questions?

  • How do I improve my branding?
  • What else can I do to generate leads?
  • Are there other ways to promote products and services?
  • How can I establish a better relationship with my customers or clients?

Perhaps this is your answer! In case you’re still waiting for a sign to tell you when to host a webinar, this is it!

So, let me walk you through on what a webinar is and the reasons why you need to do it.  Plus, I’ll let you know which are the best platforms you can utilize!

What  Exactly Is A Webinar? 

A webinar is basically a seminar or workshop done online. This is a great outlet to hold events, deliver presentations, and initiate engagement with your customers or clients. 

Creativity is key when it comes to marketing. It is evident that brands these days are doing whatever it takes to capture the attention of their potential clients. Every entrepreneur is looking for different outlets to improve their marketing strategies to surely convert their leads into buying customers. 

As business owners, we all have different goals for our businesses. Taking the initiative to try what else can be useful to promote our products and services is important. We can’t just sit and wait for customers to come to us. That’s not how it really works. 

We are truly lucky that we live in this era where technology is evolving quickly. Everything seems to be possible in just a matter of clicks!

There is actually 73% B2B marketers and sales leaders claiming that a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads

And, did you know that 20-40% of webinar attendees turn into qualified leads? 

Why Do You Need To Host A Webinar? The 3 Best Reasons!

how to host a webinar 3 reasons

As an entrepreneur, I am sure you are aware that there is a lot to consider before jumping into a new strategy. But, timing is everything. Moreover, you must ensure that in terms of creating a decision, you are aware of what it’s going to cost you and weigh out if it will benefit you more.

It is normal to be doubtful of something you’ve never done before and when you don’t know anybody who has found success in it. 

When it comes to marketing strategies there is no established formula. Some tactics may work for others but to your business, it might not. My point is, this does not limit us into diving into other outlets that can possibly improve our branding and attract more customers.

In case you are having doubts about whether or not a webinar is good for your business, then let me convince you.

Increase Brand Awareness

Have you ever encountered a sales representative come up to you and tried to endorse a product? But when you started asking questions, you realized that this person is not at all knowledgeable of what he was trying to sell…

Did that convince you to make a purchase? I don’t think so. Every buyer knows when a seller is just being too pushy but has no idea of what they are talking about

It is a lot easier to make a successful sale when you know what you’re selling. 

When it comes to boosting brand awareness, webinars are one of the most effective ways to do it. We need to showcase that we are experts in our fields. This will help us increase the exposure of our business and gain the trust of the individuals who took an interest in our webinars. 

As long as you provide quality and do your best in every presentation, you wouldn’t have a hard time generating customers!

Improve Customer Relationships

Have you ever wondered if it’s truly possible to build a relationship with your customers?

Well, I used to. As business owners, we want to at least have a more personal approach towards our customers to ensure that we can provide what they need. And hosting a webinar is an effective way to do that.

This is a valuable method that allows us to have a chance to interact with customers or potential clients. You’re basically creating an avenue for them to raise questions, initiate discussion, and give suggestions. 

And this just beneficial for them but to you as well. Learning about their feedback can enlighten you on what aspects of your business that needs improvement. You’ll have an understanding of what they want. On top of that, they’ll see what your brand is all about and how keen you are to provide what they need.

Convert Prospects Into Customers

The most common struggle for entrepreneurs like us is to convert our target market into buying customers.

When you’re planning to host a webinar, people who have signed up for it are evidently the ones who have taken interest in your business. Your goal would be to entice them through an awesome presentation with sufficient elaboration on what your business is all about.

Trust me you would not want to bore them with unrelated matters. People won’t be spending an hour or so listening to something that they won’t find useful or at least helpful to them.

If you want to generate high-quality leads, stay on topic, and always give out valuable information. This is your best chance to convince them why they should pick your brand, so better not screw this up.

Let them raise questions and make sure to respond to each of them. Keep in mind that hosting a webinar is the best way to have more information regarding your potential customers. If you’re aiming to grow your email list, this can be a great opportunity.

How To Host A Webinar

how to host a webinar

I bet there’s an incident where you’ve tried to do something and took you hours to figure out what went wrong. Then you realized that you have accidentally forgotten a step getting you frustrated that you’ll have to start all over again.

Don’t forget to create a list of everything you need and check anything that you have accomplished. This will make you more efficient and helps you skip the going all over it again process.

This also applies when you’re planning to host a webinar. It can be daunting at first, but you’ll eventually get used to doing it. So here’s how to host a webinar!

Pick The Best Topic

First of all, you must know what you should be discussing. Choose a topic you are an expert at or at least knowledgeable with. This can help you create a more effective presentation.

Then, you’ll have to consider if it is something people would be interested in. Are they going to sit an hour for this? Can this initiate engagement with your audience?

Lastly, identify how you’re going to present it. Will you be working alone or do you have a guest speaker you can interview? Would it be a Q&A or a workshop that people can participate in?

Stick with a format that can also initiate your audience to interact with you.

Prepare Your Presentation

Are you afraid to bore your audience? I do understand how it feels when it comes to creating content. Sometimes I still question whether or not it is enough to at least catch people’s attention.

That’s the point where I had to learn which aspects I need to improve. When I started Hustle and Motivate Youtube Channel,  I did struggle but eventually I was more confident in discussing my topics.

The key is to have people get excited on what you’re about to give them. With webinars, you must have energizing visuals that will catch the attention of your audience. When you’ are elaborating on a specific matter, always present data that validates your claims and serves as proof.

Creating presentations must be given a lot of effort, but not excessively. It must be done in a manner that people can appreciate it and won’t see it as something you did just to have something to show them.  Avoid incorporating excessive animations or other distracting elements. Your visuals must be in high-quality and are definitely relevant. 

At the end of it, make sure to offer your audience anything that they will find valuable as well.

Choose A Platform

Of course, you’ll have to pick a platform to hold your webinars. There is a lot to choose from. What you need to do is pick the one that will provide your needs or is suitable for the format of your webinar.

Ready Your Equipment

If you don’t have any decent equipment to use, do not settle for anything you find lying around your house. I recommend that you invest in the proper equipment to provide a great webinar experience.

Imagine how difficult it will be when the day of your webinar comes and you weren’t even sure if your attendees are hearing you right. Going through the trouble of preparing everything and checking if something is not working is a must.

When you also have the right equipment, it allows you to communicate with your audience better.

An important tip: make sure that you have removed any applications or anything that’s not useful in your laptop. This is just to make sure that nothing else is slowing it down or potentially bother you on the day of the webinar.

Schedule And Promote

Create a strategy on how you are going to spread the word about your upcoming webinar! It is best to have it promoted at least a week before the scheduled date.

Imagine if you’re hosting tomorrow and planned to promote it a day before…  You can’t expect a lot of people to show up. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead.

If you have an email list, send them invitations! Or promote it on your social media. Find creative ways to have people sign up for your webinar!

Expect the Unexpected

A webinar is done in real-time. Your audience can see you live. There are huge possibilities that something can go wrong and we want to minimize those chances.

Mishaps can happen but some mistakes can be avoided. The last thing we want is to have people fussing over a failed webinar. Or worse, become a living meme from the disastrous presentation we had.

I suggest that you don’t just memorize your topic. You must already be knowledgeable about it. You might find yourself having a mental block, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck in minutes of dead air. 

When you know what you are talking about, the flow of the discussion will go smoothly. When you just memorized it without even rehearsing before the webinar, chances are, you’ll definitely end up lost in the middle of it. It’s not a Youtube Video you can edit later that lets you cut the boring parts.

In terms of getting your equipment ready, as much as possible have a backup. If you’re using something that is battery-powered make sure it’s fully charged or you have a spare you can easily access. Think about anything else that can potentially cause trouble or hinder you from giving a great webinar.

The Best Webinar Platforms For 2020

how to host a webinar the best webinar platforms

Now that you know the basics of how to host a webinar, it’s time to choose a platform. These are the best ones that are usually recommended by marketers! 


Do you want to host webinars and broadcast them on Youtube and Facebook? Zoom will make it possible for you.

This software allows video conferences and meetings for free. You can have as many 500 participants! 

It is ideal for businesses that have tons of employees and will hold a meeting. Now that everybody is required to stay at home, most online classes these days are also held at Zoom. It is evident that people are choosing this platform for different purposes!

If you want to maximize its use, you can always check Zoom’s plans and pricing to avail of a monthly subscription! It starts at $14.99, recommended for small teams up to $19.99 for enterprises.

You can already enjoy a lot of these features with the FREE version:

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Screensharing (also possible with an iPad or iPhone app)
  • Virtual Background
  • Private or Group chat
  • Available for Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone, and Android!
  • And a lot more!

2.Webinar Jam

Since it is becoming mainstream to go live on social media platforms. WebinarJam also lets you host a webinar and have streamed on Youtube or Facebook.

Or if you are hosting a private webinar, you can actually set a password so only the right attendees can access it. What I like about this software is it enables you to showcase your products and sell them while you’re doing a discussion. People can easily click on any item they want to buy!

It has a 14-day trial you can access for only a dollar. Also, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you want to truly try it out and decide that it’s not a platform for you. The Basic Plan will cost you $499 a year. Check WebinaJam’s Plans and Pricing for more information.

WebinarJam has a lot of amazing features including these:

  • Unlimited webinars
  • Up to 2 presenters
  • Up to 500 attendees
  • 2 hours max duration
  • Automated recordings
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Video Injections
  • Drawing Board and a lot more!


The people behind this amazing platform is the same one from WebinarJam. 

If you are planning to pre-record your webinars, this is a platform for you.

Basically, WebinarJam is made for live webinars. But Everwebinar lets you pre-record webinars and set it as if you were actually hosting it live.

It also lets you schedule your webinars freely. Although this is not a free platform, you can also try it for 14 days for only $1

Here are some of the features of EverWebinar:

  • Dynamic attendees display
  • Detailed analytics
  • Page builder
  • Email and SMS System
  • Clickable offers
  • And so much more

It also charges yearly for $499 but you can choose to pay in 3 installments with 597 a year. 

Pick the platform that you can utilize and benefit from the most. Always consider the format of the webinar you are using before choosing a webinar software!

Final Thoughts

For people who prefer quality, we are aware of how much time and effort was invested into it. So, if you want to give your audience a great webinar experience, you’ll have to plan thoroughly and give your best in making it happen.

Hosting a webinar is not going to be easy, especially when you’re just starting out. But as long as you are determined to attain the results you want in exchange for going through all these troubles, you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

Aim for providing value to your audience and showcase how dedicated you are to help them. We want to be seen as experts in our fields and professionals that are willing to share our knowledge. Let it be your focus instead of hastily pushing them into buying your products and services. 

What you need to do is to give them quality and make sure they have a fun experience. Initiate engagement whenever you can and once they know you’re trustworthy you might even get them to purchase from you without even trying so hard.

Are you ready to start your webinar? I hope this article on How To Host A Webinar has helped you in any way. Let me know by leaving a comment or sharing this post!

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