How To Develop Your Marketing Skills! Creating Habits For Effective Skill Acquisition

How To Develop Your Marketing Skills! Creating Habits For Effective Skill Acquisition

Are you wondering how to develop your marketing skills?  Perhaps you’re worried that it may be quite difficult. Well, it’s not, as long as you are determined to learn and willing to commit to it.

As entrepreneurs, we must aim to improve not just our marketing skills, but our personal and professional growth. 

Marketing can be overwhelming but as business owners, it is our job to at least be two steps ahead of our marketing strategies.

Putting Marketing Into Action

We all want our business to prosper and we can do that by starting to learn the nitty-gritty of effective marketing. Here’s an overview of the important factors you must understand before proceeding:

  • Building marketing skills your business needs.
  • Develop habits that will make any task easier to accomplish
  • Establish a strategy that can recognize how you work to meet your goals.

When you’re just starting out, you’ll probably find yourself questioning your skills and asking these questions:

  • “Can I do all this?” 
  • “What if I can’t manage a campaign?”
  • “Would I end up losing all my money?”
  • “How do I even start with all these tasks?”

It’s easy to jump into conclusions. But to be honest, we’ll never know if something works unless we try, right?

We’ve all been anxious at one point when deciding whether or not to try the new coffee blend in the menu. It may have taken us some time to finally take the courage to order one. Then, it took us by surprise and realized that we just found our new favorite drink!

Or if you were encouraged by your peers to join a competition but you’re hesitant because you are not confident enough that you can do it. How can you be so sure that you’ve already lost the battle when the fight hasn’t even started yet?  Usually, it’s frightening to try something that we are not used to, afraid to end up disappointed. But, that’s normal! 

My point is, if you let fear lead you, you’re just limiting yourself from experiencing amazing opportunities. How is this related to developing marketing skills?

If you keep hesitating to do something out of your comfort zone, you’re only limiting yourself from great opportunities that your business will benefit from.

Breakdown of marketing tasks

Breakdown of Marketing Tasks

  • Publishing blog posts
  • Graphic designing
  • Social media management
  • Creating Landing pages
  • Recording, Editing and Streaming Videos
  • Creating Campaigns and Advertisements
  • Redesigning Your Website

These are just some of the few marketing tasks you’ll have to do when running a business. You don’t have to learn it all at once.  Start with what you can and focus on acquiring one skill before jumping on another.

Note that the tasks mentioned are the ways you can do to build a loyal audience! When doing each of them, make sure to run A/B Tests! On top of that, you’ll have to constantly track and measure data to see if there are aspects that need improvement

Building your marketing skills doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated. We can achieve anything with the right mindset and a great amount of dedication.

As long as you stay committed to doing all these for the sake of your success, eventually, it will be easier for you to develop new marketing strategies. Moreover, you’ll come to a point where you’re completing projects faster than ever before!

Developing your skills is just another investment to aid in the prosperity of your business. This can save you a lot of money from spending on unnecessary campaigns! When you’re new to running a business, you’ll have to learn all the basics and you’re not required to hire an expert to do that.

If you’ve never done anything related to marketing, this article is for you. We all have to start somewhere and it’s impossible to become an expert overnight. But, if you are adamant to acquire new skills, learning won’t be a problem!

3 Stages Of Skill Acquisition and What You Need To Do!

Steps to develop marketing skills
  1. Cognitive Skill

This is where an individual starts to understand what to do. Without proper information and an outlet to learn knowledge from, it will make it extremely difficult to acquire a new skill.

For instance, you’ll never understand how Facebook Advertising is without seeing how it’s done.

What you need to do:

  • Make use of the internet! Learn from the experts from reading their blogs or listening to their podcasts! If you need to sit through hours of tutorial, then go for it!
  • Gather the information you need and be open to other things that can be useful in developing your skill.
  1. Associative Skill

From watching a tutorial you’ve already gained knowledge from how to start a campaign on Facebook. But at this stage, this is where you associate what you’ve learned then apply them.

This is also where you recognize the errors you’ve made and strategize a better execution.

What you need to do:

  • Apply the instructions you’ve learned. 
  • Turn your knowledge into action. 
  • Recognize mistakes and eliminate them. 
  • Continuously repeat the process.
  1. Autonomous Skill

From constant practice, eventually, you’ll learn the nitty-gritty of Facebook promotions. Your performance is better than before and tasks are becoming less demanding for you to accomplish.

What you need to do:

  • Refine your skills and knowledge and dedicate time to practice!

These are Fitts and Posner’s 3 stages of Motor Learning. Simply put, cognitive skill is the process of gathering information while associative skill is putting the actions together. Lastly, Autonomous skill is where an individual dedicates time to practice and hone their skills.

From learning how to do something, we acquire skills. Doing it more often until something works will allow us to get the results we wanted. It is a trial-and-error process.

Repeating the action will help us see which step we have missed, what else is lacking, what caused the problem, and so on. Through recognizing what has gone wrong, we can understand what must be done and what tasks should be eliminated. Eventually, we’ll be able to repeat the process with fewer struggles. 

As long as you are determined to acquire the results you’re aiming for, don’t stop improving your process!

Keep in mind that even if you have started your social media campaign for the first time does not mean you’ll immediately add that as a skill in your resume! Doing something once does not conclude it as a marketing skill.

To become proficient at one thing, practice is needed. Be open to the fact that you’ll possibly fail a few times before getting something right.

Whatever marketing skill you want to develop… from writing a blog post or creating compelling advertisements— it is crucial to do all of it consistently.

Consistency is a great way to build your loyal audience!

How To Develop Marketing Habits! 

how to develop marketing skills

Here’s a helpful framework about building habits, may it be related to marketing or not!

We are all aware that habits are easier to make than break. Acquiring a skill can arise from starting a habit! 

Understanding the 3 Step Loops Of Habits!

  1. Cue: this stimulates or triggers a certain behavior
  2. Routine: this could be an activity, emotion, or behavior.
  3. Reward: it could be a physical, mental, or emotional factor. This is where you determine if any of your routines are beneficial or rewarding.

Let’s say you’ve wanted to create awesome graphic designs, that’s the cue. Your routine would be to watch a tutorial or sign up for a mini-course of graphic design. Then, when you’ve applied what you’ve learned and your satisfied and happy with the outcome, that’s the reward. 

The more you repeat the process, it gets a lot easier to do. The amount of effort you need to think and do tasks is lesser compared to the first time you’ve done it. 

Steps to Develop A Habit And Acquire Marketing Skills

These are all the steps that will assist you to get started on building a new skill. You can apply this to anything you want to learn even if it’s not associated with marketing tasks.

  1. Recognize your problem

Are there tasks that you dread doing? What skills do you want to prioritize?

This first step involves a lot of thinking. You must know which areas you’re having difficulties with and what aspects you can hone.

  1. Identify your goal

For what reasons have pushed you to develop a new skill?

When you have a definite idea of what you want to accomplish, it would not be such a difficult task to learn something new.

  1. Look for learning outlets

What’s the best way for you to easily learn? Are you a visual learner? Do you now what outlets can help you learn better?

Be resourceful when looking for ways to acquire the right information. Stay open to challenge and do not hesitate to continue doing things you may find difficult.

  1. Determine Possible Hindrances

Are there things that may prevent you from acquiring a new skill? Look out for possible factors that can hinder you from improving.

  1. Establish a Strategy and Write them down

What exactly can you do to develop a skill from the cue, routine, and reward process?

Make sure to document everything starting from the goals to the little things that you accomplish. When you’re at a point where you’re struggling, look back at your notes and see how much you’ve progressed. Realizing how much you’ve done can push you to do more.

  1. Stick with your Strategy

How can you create a habit and develop a marketing skill if you’re not going to stick with your strategy?

  1. Aim for results!

I bet you know how gratifying it is to accomplish something. Aim to want more and better results!

  1. Be Open For Failure

Are you going to stop at one mistake? Don’t let this ruin your goals but let it help you recognize what went wrong and what you can do to resolve it.

Accepting failures as part of the process. When it feels like nothing is ever going wrong, but it doesn’t feel right, maybe you’re doing it wrong!

9. Improve your process

How can you excel at something if you limit yourself from creating new tactics! When one thing does not work, take it as an initiative to do something that can assist you to develop your marketing skills.

Avoid making the same mistakes twice! It’s just right to eliminate anything that’s not working to give room for improvements.

Continue learning along the way. By doing more, you’ll achieve more.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article had helped you on how you can get started on developing your marketing skills. It can be quite daunting to start and process every information you can get. You can always start small and eventually, you’ll be acquiring all the skills you want!

It can be quite a struggle to start a business and even more to run it in the first 6 months. How you do things from the beginning can highly affect your success in the long run. When learning a new skill, take your time. Rushing it does not instantly grant you proficiency. 

If you find yourself doubting what you can do or get caught in the verge of just giving up, here’s a quote to live by:

“Success is not easy and it’s certainly not for the lazy”

May this remind you why you started in the first place and drive you to go back on your feet and keep hustling!

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