Business For Beginners: Understanding Rejection From Clients


Are you wondering why you’re not selling like hotcakes?  Could it be that you are lacking confidence in making your sales pitch? Let this business for beginners article walk you through understanding why clients keep saying no.

It can be frustrating how you always end up being rejected by potential prospects when you know you have brought everything to the table. There could be some factors that you have missed or forgotten to consider.

Starting a business can be tough work. You’ll have to do all the heavy lifting to make sure that everything is in place and you are prepared for whatever problem that comes in your way. Plus, it’s necessary for you to understand that you can’t make every potential customer give you that YES you are aiming for.

As a business owner, you must be aware that rejection is inevitable. It’s not because you can’t please everybody, although that’s a fact. There are different reasons why a customer cannot close a deal with you.

Why Do Customers Say No?

There are various reasons why an individual can’t buy from you even if you are 

convinced that they want what you are offering. The cause of their rejections is called Sales Objections.

It’s basically what restraints them from accepting your offer. For every buyer, it’s not always the same. That’s when you need to know what they are, and how you can make them a deal that’s beneficial for both of you.

Your goals should be letting your prospects have a better understanding of why they are declining and by knowing what and when to ask. Having the knowledge to do this right can help you learn when to stop convincing them.

All you need to do is know what to ask and when to ask it. You may encounter people telling you that your product is too expensive, then ask them their budget and offer them something else that they can afford.

There will also be instances when they won’t see the value of what you’re offering. This is the best time to explain the best features and quality of your merchandise.

Maybe a customer can’t be convinced of why they need to buy from you, then tell them what separates your offer from other brands. Persuade them of what it can do for them in the long run and why it’s necessary to buy it today.

Understanding and Accepting Rejections


Rejections can be a good thing. You might be wondering how it is possible. Keep in mind that everyone can’t be your target market.

Besides the fact that being turned down is a natural process of selling, this could mean that you’re not offering your products to the right customers! I know how tiring it is to be turned down constantly, but this does not mean you’ll lose your confidence as a seller.

That is why it’s a must that you uncover the underlying issues behind your customer’s objections. From there, you’ll know when to stop persuading them and move on to your next prospect. Time is money, and wasting it on consumers that will probably never buy from you is definitely something you must avoid doing.

Knowing who to market to will save you a lot of hassle. Believe me, there could be people out there that are more than willing to buy from you and you’re invested in pitching to the wrong people.

Factors To Keep In Mind In Case Of Rejection

Embrace the fact that even if you make a checklist of what to do to avoid rejection, it can still happen. Here are some things you need to keep in mind to help you know what to do!

1. A Definite Idea Of Your Target Market


It is a must that you know who the best prospects are. How do you do that? 

You must understand what your products are providing and who can benefit from it. You just can’t say that everybody needs it! It’s important to know the exact demographics of your potential customers.

Who are they? Where are they? How does your product or service relate to them?

From there, it will save you time from pitching to the wrong prospects.

2.Knowing When To Move On To The Next Prospect


Just because you’ve heard one “NO” means you’ll stop. Uncovering the issues behind an individual’s objection may lead you to understand how can you can help them as well.

Bargain with them! Offer them something they cannot resist. But make sure that you are not compromising the value of your service or the price of your product. If they still refuse, then embrace the rejection and talk to another prospect.

3. Review Your Marketing Strategy

Instead of looking for customers, find a way for them to come to you. There are tons of outlets you can maximize to help you attract buyers!

Social media for instance. There are billions of people who use it as a platform to advertise. Whatever specific industry you are in as long as you have your own business, you can use it in marketing. 

Build a strategy that will help you generate leads! Just don’t forget to always showcase the value of your products and services.


Whatever you do, always make sure to review every decision you make. Note that you have to let the potential customers know that you are offering them a solution.

Interacting with them and immediately responding to their questions will give them the idea that you are more than willing to provide them what they need. 

Word of mouth goes a long way. So even if you do were not able to close a successful sale with one customer, as long as they know you are accomodating, they might refer you to those who may need your products and services.

Always keep an open mind. Do not let these rejections stop you from being more passionate about what you do. Instead, make these objections a reason to boost your drive in improving your strategies!

Now that you’ve reached the end, let me know if this business for beginners article helped you! 

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