How To Build A Business Website In 6 Easy Steps!

How To Build A Business Website

Are you ready to establish your small business but have no idea how to build a business website? Perhaps you find it a little daunting and it worries you that you’re not going to get everything right? 

Think of it this way, it’s like hesitating to try a new drink from the menu, afraid that it might not suit your taste. But how will you know unless you try? Chances are, it could become your new favorite drink? 

My point is, there will always be things we’ll find daunting especially when running a business. That’s a natural part of it that we all must face in order to grow personally and professionally.

At this point in time, we must learn to take advantage of the things that we can maximize and have leverage for our business to prosper.

Having a business website is one of the factors entrepreneurs of these days must take into consideration. Here’s how you can build your own!

Steps To Build a Business Website!

Some people who own brick-and-mortar businesses don’t see the need for creating a website for their business. It’s just like having a social media account for your small business, but a more established platform for your brand.

Once you have created your own, you’ll see that there are great opportunities that you can maximize. Whether you are going to build a website for an old business or for a new venture, there’s no need to hesitate to go make one today!

It’s not as scary as some would assume. Even if you’re worried that you are not equipped with the right set of skills, you just need to follow the steps I’ll layout for you and you can get your business website, life, and ready for customers!

If you truly want to make money online, a website is just one of the fundamentals of success. It is a must that when you are creating one, it is aligned with your business goals.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building A Business Website:

  1. Are you aiming to boost your brand awareness?
  2. Do you want your target audience to find you? 
  3. Do you need to increase online sales?
  4. Do you want a platform where people can book consultations, appointments, or projects with you?

If you have answered YES, to any of the questions mentioned, then you are truly in need of a business website.

Do you need more convincing? Obviously, people nowadays are looking for solutions online. Whatever they need, they consult Google. As an entrepreneur, you must want your business to be recognized by Google so that people can find you.

It’s a great way to attract prospects and you don’t need to worry if the type of business is suited for a website. As long as it needs marketing, you will need a website.

This is beneficial for both you and your customers. It’s establishing a place where your customers can easily initiate transactions with your business.

1. Choose A Website Builder.

If you don’t think you can’t start your own website from scratch, think again. There are tons of platforms you can choose to get it live and running even without having a background as an IT specialist or any computer-savvy profession.

There are business websites you can access such as WordPress, Wix., and GoDaddy. It has templates that you can choose from according to the type of business you own. Plus, there’s a drag-and-drop option that makes it easier for you to place anything you want visible on your website.


How you want your business website to appear as must be according to its purpose. Take note of the services you are providing and make sure to include them and place buttons such as “buy now” or anything related to what you are offering.

Create a website tailored to your customers. Have a user-friendly interface that they can easily navigate. As long as it looks professional, informative, and showcases your brand as it is, then you’re good to go.

In case you are not worried about spending money, you can always hire someone to do it for you! 

2. Pick a Domain Name

If you are already running a business, make sure to incorporate that as the domain name of your website. It is basically, the link that you and your customers will use in terms of promoting your site on social media platforms. Make sure that the name of your website is the name of your business.

If you haven’t come up with a name for your business and website, create one that is easy to remember. Just keep in mind to exclude numbers when doing so. It’s not entirely ideal to add numbers to it. Note that you are creating an official website for your brand and not an email address!

It must be short, simple yet catchy. You are free to choose if it ends with .com, .net, or .org.

Once you have settled on the domain name you can check if it’s available at 

From there, you can see whether or not the domain is registered or blacklisted by Google. If it’s available, you can then proceed to purchase it at any of the following websites:  GoDaddy, NameCheap, 123reg.

3. Select A Web Host

Choosing a web hosting is a necessary step. It allows your website to have storage for the information,  contents, and all the necessary data.  Every website requires a host. 

Before even purchasing a domain, you can search for web hosting sites such as BluehostSiteGround, and Hostgator. There are affordable plans you can choose from that also includes the domain name purchase. 

Consider the type of website you are aiming to create before splurging money on a hosting plan that you might not need. Once it’s purchased, you can start customizing your website!

4. Creating Pages

Building a business website must be according to the purpose of your business. Are you aiming to set up an online shop? Is this going to be a personal blog or a consultation website?

Make the logo of your brand visible so that customers will easily recognize it. You can create an About Page, where you can discuss in detail the history of your business and include photos of you and your team. People nowadays are always curious and would love to know that they are working with actual and trustworthy people. Show them that you are!

You don’t need to have a lot of pages unless your business requires it. Carefully consider what those are and what must be included in it. Note that your homepage must be incorporated into what your website is all about. It is where you must showcase your business.

For example, when browsing on other websites, once you have landed on the homepage, you are already given an impression of what it is. You’ll already have an idea if its an e-commerce or not, right? 

You have to give your audience what they need to see the moment they come to your website. Designate pages for your products and services, and how they can contact you. Include a page for FAQ or terms and policies. Create pages that you think are necessary and are helpful for your customers. 

Remember how your website looks will reflect on your brand or business. Aim to make it appear professional. Incorporate call-to-action buttons accordingly.

Don’t leave them on a dead end. If you want them to subscribe to your newsletter after downloading a free book you offered, then do it. 

5. Setting Up  Your Website.

What you want for your website is to have the traffic coming in. And you would not be able to see if it’s making progress unless you set your website’s analytics. To track the traffic and have an overview of your visitors, you can set up Google Analytics.

Another important matter is to make sure that Google recognizes your website and to do that, you must do the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This allows your website to rank on Google and allows prospects to easily find your business website.

This is a crucial part. Keywords related to your business must be included in tags, images, product descriptions, URLs, etc.. Doing all that can be a bit daunting but it is an effective way to ensure traffic. You can learn the basics of SEO at or from!

Before you publish your website, go over it once or twice, or as long as you see that it needs some editing. Check whether you are missing some details, and include them at once. When you’re satisfied with how your business website looks and you believe it’s ready for the world to see, you can proceed to publish it.

If it’s an e-commerce website do not forget to set up electronic payments. You must make sure that it is settled to have your customers shop as soon as your site is live. Platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and Square are some of the few that you can choose from to add on your website.

6. Publish Your Website

Now that everything is set up, you can publish it! You can then head to creating strategies to promote your business website on social media platforms!

Make sure that you have also included links of the social media accounts fo your website! Every time you have posted a new article or added a new product offer, link it to any of your social pages.

Advertising your business online can increase your website’s presence. Do whatever you think is necessary to promote it! Do not limit yourself from learning new ideas and strategies for improvement.

Make sure that you stick with your goals and establish trust between you and your customers!

Final Thoughts

Business owners must always be ready to do what can be a little daunting but are beneficial for the growth of our brands. If you can afford to hire an expert do to things for you, don’t hesitate to do so. 

Building a business website is a great investment and something you and your customers can benefit from in the long run! Always stay on top of everything and track your progress to help you see what else needs improvement. 

Sometimes when things are getting scary or are complicated for you, it’s usually a sign to take that you need to accomplish it. No one can achieve anything for playing safe!

As for me, my website is just my multiple income streams. I also had my fair share of ups and downs as an entrepreneur. You can listen to my Hustle and Motivate Podcast on iTunes to learn a thing or two.

In case you are planning a business that needs no website building, you can try eBay dropshipping. If you have any inquiries about that, let me help you! Schedule a consultation with me right here at!

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