Top 3 Best Free Screen Recording Software! (2020)

top 3 best free screen recording software

Are you looking for the best free screen recording software? Does it have the features you need without having to pay for anything? 

YES! At this point in time, it’s truly hard to believe that things can be acquired for free. Jump-start your video marketing strategy with these easy and amazing platforms! 

What Exactly is a Screen Recording Software?

screen recording software

According to Hubspot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they support. Today is obviously the right time to take advantage of creating compelling and useful content!

It is evident that people are more inclined to spend hours watching videos. I’m sure some of you wouldn’t end the day looking out for the latest content of your favorite vloggers or influencers! 

A screen recording software lets you capture what’s going on on your screen. It is a tool that you can utilize if you want to create demonstration videos. From creating tutorials, showcasing your gaming skills to recording a webinar and live streaming. The only limit in utilizing this tool is your imagination!

Moreover, it’s perfect for providing real-time or pre-recorded videos you can share across multiple platforms. Are you planning to upload it on Facebook or Youtube? Or even on your website? You’ll definitely have no trouble doing all that.

If you are a brand, a business or an independent content creator, you’ll need the best screen recording software to record and stream videos. 

Finding the right tools to assist us in crafting compelling and engaging videos for our audience is a must. It doesn’t have to be costly to record, edit or stream videos that people will enjoy watching.

3 Best Free Screen Recording Software

Videos are without a doubt a powerful marketing tool. It highly influences a buyer’s purchasing decision. Other than that, it is a great way to increase your online presence or your brand’s popularity.

Editing your videos is essential to ensure that you are providing useful and entertaining content. If you already have an idea of what you want for a screen recorder, it will be easier for you to pick which suits your needs. Take note that before you jump into downloading any software, make sure that it is risk-free! None of us would want to have our files corrupted. Download them directly from the official websites.

There are various recorders out there that offer a scope of amazing features. These range from the availability of different file formats, the capacity to capture from external resources and the power to instantly share them on social media platforms. Some may require high-performance desktops. But, there’s also a few that can work on laptops with low specifications.

Let me discuss the pros and cons of each software!

OBS Studio

It is obvious that people would never settle on watching low-quality videos. No matter how awesome your content is, you can’t keep retaining their attention. What we want is to get them to stay watching until the end and not to push them the other way.

The Open Broadcast Software, widely-known as  OBS Studio had made it possible for us to stream and record in high-definition! This software truly exceeded people’s expectations. No wonder it’s the best screen recorder tool for 2020.

Here are the amazing features of OBS!


Real-time Video and Audio Recording

A lot of gamers are using and recommending OBS for its efficiency. Even if you’re not a gamer, as long as you want to provide high-quality video for streaming this is a perfect tool. Regardless of whether you’d need to stream live through Twitch, Youtube, or even Facebook, there’s no hassle in doing so.

OBS live streaming

No recording limit.

There is a few software that limits you to record up to 4 hours maximum. With OBS, you can record as long as you want. 

Recording at full-screen mode with ease

If you don’t want others to see what’s going on in your screen, you can set your game or a specific application on full-screen mode. This allows you to have users focus on what you are doing or recording instead of the other distracting elements on your desktop.

This is a great feature that you can utilize for free. Not every tool will allow you to do this unless you choose a subscription plan.

Allows access to multiple sources

It is designed to work with multiple sources. You have the option to record through your webcam and microphone simultaneously as you stream. It’s also possible to have the console you’re using be viewed within your stream so people see your gaming tactics. You can let them see what buttons or keys you’re pressing to do that epic combo!

If you’re a Tekken player and uses an arcade stick to play, and you want people to see what buttons you use for that one hundred dollar combo, it’s possible!

Adding of text or logos within live videos are possible

A friendly interface allows you ease in accessing its features. You can add scenes, texts that you think are necessary for your stream, even animated shoutouts to your viewers! 

Easy configuration of resolution or video quality

You have the freedom to customize the quality of your videos or set it corresponding with the specs of your monitor.

It will provide you high-quality performance despite being a light-weight program. We all wanted the software that doesn’t require much storage space and wouldn’t affect the efficiency of our desktops.


The only downside is that it takes quite some time to set up but the features it provides surely makes up for the waiting! It caters to Windows, Mac or Linux users. Moreover, it could be configured to other languages like Polish and Turkish.

OBS Studio is absolutely free! Unlike other free screen recording software that claims to have no charge at all, but actually has existing plans you need to pay for just to access other available features.

Screencast O Matic

Here’s another free platform you’d absolutely love! You can sign up for an account or not. Either way, you’d still have the opportunity to record as soon as you want to!

You can either open Screencast through a web browser or download the software instead. The only advantage of having it downloaded on your desktop is that it allows you to record even if you’re not online. Screencast O Matic is available on Windows and Mac.

Whatever you want to record if it’s a demonstration on how to optimize a WordPress site or how to gain access on 


Record Freely 

It’s your choice whether you wanted to record your screen with or without audio. Whatever your purpose is for using this free screen recording software, you have the freedom to choose your options. Recording with a webcam or an external microphone is also possible!

I do believe that showing yourself in any tutorial you choose to create is necessary.  Doing so makes it more personal and helps you to invoke trust to your viewers. Overall, it’s key to building rapport with your audience.

Note that you can record with a standard resolution of 640×480 or 800×600. Though you can record anytime, you are only limited to as long as 15 minutes per video.

Scripted Recordings

What sets Screencast o Matic apart from available free recording software is that it allows you to upload and record your script. If you’re a person who values detailed work and makes a written script before anything else, this might be a great option for you!

This is an interesting feature one can make use of if they’re focused on making professional videos that give no room for mistakes. Sounds really crucial for delivering facts or important information. 

Writing scripts is already a burden and recording it is also time-consuming. If you ask me I’d rather have it memorized and delivered in a natural manner. I would want my audience to know that I can give them information without sounding like a robot and have them hooked to what I’m pitching as I state them in an engaging tone. 

Screen recording software screen cast o matic

Draw, Zoom and Add Text

Even if you are currently recording, you can easily add drawings or text! Also, you can zoom in anywhere you want to. This function is great if you want your viewers to see a small detail closely. Moreover, it’s very useful whenever there are parts of your screen or anywhere in your recording, you wanted to emphasize.

Video Editing

Once you’re done with the content you have created, you might want to tweak your recording a bit. Screencast o Matic offers an option that allows you to edit your videos. The only way you can find out if this feature works for you is if you upgrade for the paid version. 

That’s a bummer I know. But if you think the free features are enough to get you going with what you’ve recorded, then you might find this software a good tool anyway.

Free Vs Paid Version

Unfortunately, you will only have access to specific features with the free version. You are eligible for advanced options through paying for the upgraded one! More or less, the free features are okay for starters. However, if you are regularly creating videos, this tool could be greatly accessible if upgraded.

An annual subscription costs $18 equivalent to $1.5 a month. They are currently offering a plan that will only cost you a dollar per month within that 36-month subscription. It’s the best deal since you get one year free! Lastly, you can choose the Go Premier plan, a year subscription equivalent to $4 per month plan that gives you the following benefits:

  • Secure backup for recorders
  • Branded ad-free site
  • Advanced sharing

If you think that $48 for these benefits is affordable, then go for it!

Referral Commission

Do you know a lot of people that may like what Screencast O Matic offers? 

Then this could be an awesome opportunity for you to earn from it or get a discount for your upgrade. Much better if you can successfully refer 5 friends that paid for a subscription, then you are entitled to a free upgrade! How awesome is that?

Usually, when we go to a salon and people liked what was done to our hair, they’d ask where we had it done, right? Then we refer them to that salon we went to. Do we get paid for that referral? Of course, not. 


The downside of using Screencast O Matic is the recording of computer audio is only available on Windows.

Lastly, like most free screen recording software available, you will notice the watermark of the tool you are using. I know how this can affect your branding but that’s mostly the annoying part of free tools. 


In the generation we live in, screen recorders are essential. We all love to make videos even through our smartphones. At this point, sharing to social media what we may have found funny or informative seems to have become a daily routine. 

Creating amazing videos could be easier with tools that provide us what suits our needs. Filmora is a useful software you’d definitely want to check out.

It has an elegant interface that has easy to locate functionalities we need. The burden of waiting for installation is truly annoying but with Filmora you don’t have to worry about that. Installation is simple and quick.

Most of the software I’ve discussed is online, but this one is not. Also, those have limited access to video editing tools. With Filmora you’ll have more features to make use of!

Whether or not you’re a pro at video editing, this tool will help you get the best and amazing results.

screen recording software

Access On Different Devices

A common software recorder can be accessed on a browser. Usually, you can download it on your Windows or Mac computer. But with Filmora, you can have it on your android phone, iPhone and iPad!

Awesome Features!

There are numerous features that Filmora has to offer. It’s like your one-stop shop for recording and editing!

From inserting awesome titles or thumbnails to adding video overlays, blurring a part of your record, and so much more. They will allow you to create an amazing result without a doubt. You don’t even need to be a pro at video editing. 

Their modern and intuitive interface will let you do all that with ease and efficiency.

Here’s a list of the amazing features Filmora has to offer:

  • Screen and audio recording and access to controls
  • Advanced text editing and adding animations
  • Tilt-shift and mosaic or blurring specific parts in your video
  • Create backgrounds using green screen
  • Ability to layer multiple video clips
  • Speed control
  • Noise removal
  • Frame by frame review

All these and so much for FREE! At first, I was doubtful about these as a possibility, but it is!


Unfortunately, you will still have to accept the fact that you have nothing to do with the watermark unless you pay for an upgraded version. At $39.99 per year, you can make use of all the features available and allows you to remove the watermark plus access to tech support. This is allowed for one pc only.

A lifetime license will cost you a one-time payment of  $59.99, all features, no watermark, and free tech support. To have a lifetime license on multiple devices you can pay $179.99.

These prices are definitely worth it from all the features you can use!

Final Thoughts

On the off chance that you still believe that there’s nothing of the sort as a “free” software… I hope this list of the best free recording software has changed your mind. Whatever it is that you want for editing or streaming, I’m sure you’ll find the right one that suits your needs.

Utilize the use of these tools and you can create compelling content that your audience will love! 

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