4 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Top 4 Best Affiliate Program For Beginners

Are you looking for a passive income stream? Have you been considering affiliate marketing but have no idea of the best affiliate programs for beginners? 

If you’ve been running a blog for some time now and would want to maximize your earning potential… Affiliate marketing is just one of the few income streams you can have. It allows you to work in the comfort of your home while earning revenues!

Let’s discuss the platforms you can use to get that passive income!

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

First, let’s have a glimpse of what being an affiliate is all about. We have all become one without realizing it.

Have you ever bought from an online shop and were given discounts if you refer them to a friend? That’s affiliate marketing right there!

When you have a blog, what you can do is create reviews of certain products. This will help buyers have an informed decision from the value of your written reviews. 

Customers nowadays are doing their research before purchasing certain products. When they come to your site and have considered your recommendation, make sure to add the affiliate links of the products. When they purchase through the link you’ve provided you’ll gain commissions accordingly. The percentage of profits you will earn depends on the affiliate program you have joined.

Best Affiliate Program For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing. This is where brands or companies reward affiliates from every customer they bring.

What you need is to build a website in a specific niche. If you are passionate about photography you can publish articles based on your recommended DSLR. Do not forget to incorporate your affiliate links!

Top 4 Best Affiliate Programs

Once you’ve already established your niche, you’ll have no problems picking the products you can recommend. There are several platforms for affiliate marketing that you can choose from. Here are the best affiliate programs:


You may have known Amazon for so long but never knew that you can make money in different ways as well. It sure has quite a reputation as an online marketplace but also as one of the best affiliate programs.

There’s no need in worrying if you can’t find a relevant product for your niche. We are all aware of the thousands of products available at Amazon. I’m sure you’ll have lots of options to choose from. 

I have learned that Amazon removes the products that don’t sell. This gives you an assurance that promoting the right item in your blog can surely generate profits.

Best Affiliate Program For Beginners Amazon

Here’s another great factor. If one of your audience had considered buying the product through your affiliate link, Amazon will send them an email to remind them of the item left in their cart.

Once you are approved as an Amazon Associate, you can earn from 4-10% worth of commissions!

Sounds easy? Even if you are confident about your blogging skills, you need to make sure you can sell anything within a 90 day period. Failure to do so may get you out of the affiliate program.

What also makes it more challenging is that other websites may have at least 30 days maximum for cookie settings. But, with Amazon, there are only 24 hours!

Creating strategies to effectively convince your audience to purchase is a must! Be creative and make sure to point out the best features of every item you’ll write about. And do not forget to install a WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates on your website! 


Is it true that you are keen on building your own one of a kind internet business website? Shopify can support you! It’s notable for being the greatest online business arrangement supplier 

If you are keen enough to establish your one of a kind online business or e-commerce, you can rely on Shopify. How so?

It’s notable for being the greatest e-commerce solution provider! On the off chance that you are willing to become a partner, there are various ways you can earn profits.

Suppose you have successfully referred another person to the program and they have decided to change into a paid account, this qualifies you for a commission!

Best Affiliate Program For Beginners Shopify

The only drawback of this opportunity is that you might want to sit tight for quite a while. The individuals you referred must continue as a paying subscriber. That will be the basis of earning commissions.

Shopify is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. It is also trusted by 800,000 organizations worldwide! On top of that, it is recognized for providing hosting and payment processors. Moreover, there is a huge chance of acquiring up to 200% worth of commissions. 

Are you a programmer and have been planning to launch an app but have no idea which platform to do that? Don’t think twice to put it on Shopify! 

As I have mentioned, it is trusted by lots of people. You can be confident that there are individuals that will adore your app. In addition to that, Shopify will pay you accordingly whenever a person buys the app you’ve made.

Rakuten LinkShare

Did you know that Rakuten is ranked as the Number One Affiliate Network by Mthink? You can check out benzinga.com for the article!

Rakuten is one of the most seasoned in the business of affiliate or performance marketing with decades in the industry. Indeed, even with a long-standing reputation,  they just have over a thousand affiliates. 

Some may be wondering why this platform managed to garner only a few people despite all these years. I do not see this as a downside. In fact, it is truly hard work to stay as an affiliate. This also gives me the certainty that there are fewer rivals in terms of choosing Rakuten.

What I like about Rakuten is they have Ad Rotation. It is an amazing feature that works with a simple code that allows you to expand your advertisements. 

What it does is, it allows various adaptations of your promotions to circulate within your blog. No need of hassling yourself to do it manually. Ultimately, it also has a Deep Linking Option that gives you the chance to choose which page you directly and specifically need the traffic to go to.

In terms of searching for the best affiliate program to go with, pick the ones you’ll truly benefit from. 

Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to become a part of a community of aspiring affiliate marketers, I suggest you choose Wealthy Affiliate (WA). In case you haven’t heard of this amazing platform, let me enlighten you about it. 

It is more than just a network of people who are aiming to become an expert in the field of affiliate marketing. Individuals within it are also encouraging each other by offering a helping hand. They have over 1.5 million paid and free subscribers!

Best Affiliate Program For Beginners Wealthy Affiliate

Plus, this provides a walkthrough for beginners with detailed training from starting your website to the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing! 

The step-by-step training will allow you to progress at your own phase. In case you haven’t started your own business website, you can create one right at Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re starting from scratch, you might want to consider this platform.

From web hosting to choosing a website template, it’s all in there. Moreover, when creating blog posts, it must be incorporated with the necessary keywords to have it appear on search results. WA has Jaaxy, a research keyword tool that will make it a lot easier for you to find the right keywords to rank for!

Final thoughts

Take note that you need to apply for each of these platforms in order to acquire affiliate links. When you’re approved, make sure that you incorporate them accordingly on blog posts you’ve written.

Patience is needed if you wanted to become a dedicated affiliate marketer. Creativity is also a must in order to effectively move your audience to an informed purchasing decision. Even though this requires no prior experience, make sure that you are equipped with the necessary skills. 

The guarantee of generating profits should not be relied on how great the product is that you chose to make a review of. Craft articles that highlight the best features of the item and note the possible drawbacks too. Provide a clear insight as to why you are recommending it as well.

When diving into a new venture or any respective field, no one can expect to become an expert overnight. This is no different from moving into a new city. It takes time before you can navigate your way in the new place you are at. Still, you’ll eventually learn which are the right directions to go to!

Let me know if this article about the best affiliate programs for beginners has helped you in any way! Feel free to leave a comment or inquiries.

I suggest you listen to Hustle and Motivate Podcast on iTunes and learn a thing or two from my journey to success. 

Perhaps, you’re looking for another income stream? Let me introduce eBay dropshipping! Schedule a consultation with me right here at HustleandMotivate.com!


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